Check out Squish Therapy Dough, playdough infused with essential oils to Relax, Restore or Revive the mind.


Emma completed a number of programmes at LEDCOM and received a range of support! It was a pleasure to work with Emma and we wish her all the best with her new venture!

Hi I’m Emma Wilson. I have recently started a business in the Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council area. My business is called Squish Therapy Dough!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

My career background is in customer service in the road haulage industry. Haulage is a very pressurised environment to work in and in the years before I resigned I developed quite severe depression and anxiety.

My anxiety is classed as high-functioning meaning to the outside world I was perfectly fine but inside I was struggling to hold it all together. After my diagnoses I set out to try and build myself a mental health “tool kit” with various ways to calm me down or distract my anxious brain and it was through this that Squish was born.


How was your business idea established? Did you see a need for your product?

I realised early on that play dough was a great tool to settle my nerves (I’m a fidgeter!). Unfortunately, it wasn’t socially acceptable for an adult to whip out a tub in a stressful situation! I started trying to make my own and combine it with the essential oils I already used in my tool kit. After many false starts I finally settled on the recipe that I am using now.

I never thought about setting up a business around it but after some persuasion from friends and family I finally took the plunge and set up my own website in May 2020.


What programmes did you complete with LEDCOM?

I was referred to LEDCOM through the Go For It programme. We completed a business plan and two year financial projections for Squish Therapy Dough which was incredible.

I have just completed the Business Start Up Coaching Programme which is proving invaluable for a newbie like me! This programme is aimed towards new businesses that are set up in the Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council area. As I completed a business plan through the

Goforit NI Programme, I could avail of 5 hours coaching, which included the assistance with HMRC registration, and a bursary of up to £200 towards the cost of starting up a new business. I plan to use this £200 for marketing purposes.


How did completing the business plan and the coaching benefit you?

To see all my thoughts and scribbles put into a coherent document is amazing! I particularly love the financial forecasting part of it. As my product is a little unusual it has been difficult for me to set realistic and tangible goals. My business plan gives me something I can constantly refer to, to see what is and isn’t working. It is also essential if I want to apply for funding in the future so knowing it is complete is a huge weight from my mind


What support did you receive within your coaching?

We completed the business plan and have just finished the five hours of coaching. This was useful as it allowed me to identify other areas I needed help with. In this, myself and my mentor covered areas such as social media marketing, the creation of a twitter page, packaging options and the creation of a digital strategy and marketing plan for the business.


How have you found the support of LEDCOM?

I cannot stress how incredible the support I have received from LEDCOM has been. Not only have they provided me with professional support and guidance, I also know that they are always there to help me if I get stuck. From the amazing business plan, step by step instructions on how to create marketing content, to just having someone to share my business ups and downs I cannot thank them enough.


What are your future plans?

In an ideal world I would like Squish to grow enough to be a viable source of full time income.


Social Platforms


FB & Insta: @squish.therapy.dough

Twitter: @DoughSquish

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Squish Therapy Dough



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